Connect. Converse. Convert.

A conversational marketing platform that enables meaningful and intelligent conversations between businesses and their customers.

In 2015, messaging applications surpassed social media with 3B users.

Conversational Marketing Use Cases

B2B Lead Nurturing

You can use messaging to advance your audience through the buyer journey to see more quickly who is engaged, consuming assets or asking questions.

Form Replacement

Rather than asking your customers to fill out long forms, a chatbot can accomplish this task much faster and completely eliminate the need to ask for contact information on forms.

Product Introductions & Software Releases

Instead of emails to notifying customers of product releases, chatbots can understand all the aspects of a new version and escalate issues to a support person quickly.

Event Follow Up

A knowledge-base driven chatbot can assist organizations with following up post-event to keep the conversation going.

Channel Programs

Companies that utilize a VAR or distribution channel can utilize a chatbot to train them on the latest products, pricing, incentives and other programs.

Are you ready to have meaningful conversations with your customers, in the channel they engage with the most?

Meet the Team

Dr. Anu Shukla

Serial entrepreneur, 20+ years of tech industry experience. Co-founder of Rubric marketing automation software.

Rebecca Clyde

11+ years as a digital agency principal and marketing automation campaign strategist.

Dr. Chris Maeda

Senior technologist, PhD. Co-founder of Rubric marketing automation software.

Dr. Deborah Mcguinness

Chief Science Advisor PhD. AI RPI Faculty,
Ex-Stanford KSL

Dr. Heng Ji

Computational Linguistics & NLP, RPI Faculty

Engage with Us

Schedule a briefing with the team and learn how we can help you:
  • Identify the messaging channel most appropriate for your brand
  • Convert your existing marketing automation campaigns into meaningful conversations with your customers
  • Deliver rich services with low friction using chatbots
  • Accelerate the buyer journey and help your customers feel more connected with your brand News

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Bots can take away the friction of apps and truly move commerce to mobile.

-Seth Rosenberg, Facebook