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5 Key Ways GenAI Chatbots Can Help HR Teams to Improve Overall Efficiency

GenAI is all anyone can talk about these days. New AI technologies are released everyday for sales, marketing, operations and IT teams but have you been asking yourself how these technologies and specifically GenAI Chatbots could also be utilized for other teams such as Human Resources?

A GenAI chatbot can be an invaluable tool for HR teams for streamlining processes, enhancing communication, and improving overall efficiency. By leveraging GenAI and natural language processing, chatbots can provide immediate assistance and support to employees while reducing the burden of repetitive and time consuming tasks on HR personnel. Here are 5 key ways in which chatbots can help HR teams to improve their overall efficiency:


Existing employee automation is now possible with GenAI

Is your HR inbox a disorganized mess? No Judgment, it happens to the best of us. Chatbots can act as a self-service portal allowing existing employees to make common enquiries such as tax documentation requests, expense reimbursement, time off requests and more. Chatbots can easily send these enquiries to different inboxes or a ticketing system to ensure questions are sent to the correct person, have all required information, ranked properly, and your HR inbox is kept clean.


Improve recruitment and pre-screening efficiency with GenAI

A common question we’re hearing from customers is “How do we differentiate our organization in this competitive labor market?”. An HR powered chatbot is one of the easiest ways to accomplish this! A chatbot will not only answer candidates’ questions, but can also collect information, share employee testimonials, filter candidates and provide lead scores, route applicants to the proper hiring manager and update candidates on their application status. Chatbots can also help cut through the noise and assist with selling your organization, making the most qualified candidates excited about applying for open positions.


Onboarding new employees with GenAI Chatbots

Chatbots can guide new employees through the onboarding process, providing them with essential information, answering FAQs, and assisting with completing necessary paperwork and training. For example, let’s say you have a new employee who has not started yet but needs to complete forms and paperwork before their first day such as direct deposit information, tax forms and emergency contact information. An HR chatbot can provide them with the assistance they need to ask questions and ensure everything is filled out properly, even after working hours. This reduces the burden on HR personnel and ensures a smooth transition for new hires.


Policy and compliance guidance through GenAI

Let’s be honest, HR team members are probably the only employees who have thoroughly read the employee handbook. Human Resources GenAI Chatbots can help employees (especially those who have only read the time-off policy) navigate company policies and compliance requirements. They can provide information on topics such as anti-harassment policies, social media policies, and health and safety regulations, ensuring that all employees have easy access to essential information. It fosters a culture of compliance and understanding within the organization, enhancing productivity and minimizing potential risks associated with policy misunderstandings or misinterpretations.


GenAI Chatbots Provide 24/7 Support

The beauty of GenAI Chatbots lies in their round-the-clock availability, providing continuous support to employees regardless of time zones or working hours. As an employee, how many times have you thought of questions you would like answered promptly after work hours? Or do you have an international team and need to provide your organization support outside of your HR team’s working hours? Overall, this 24/7 support fosters a culture of responsiveness and accessibility within the organization, enhancing employee experience and streamlining HR operations.


GenAI Chatbots have the potential to revolutionize Human Resources operations. By automating routine tasks, providing instant support, and enhancing employee experience, chatbots enable HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives, improve productivity, and deliver greater value to the organization.

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