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Creating Customer Connections Through Conversation

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The Future is AI

Meet Botco.ai, the GenAI Chat Cloud solution for enterprise growth and engagement.

  • Our genAI leverages proprietary data to provide on-demand solutions and insights.
  • We enable access to hidden datasets and deliver contextual chat.
  • Our chatbots use fine-tuned models with 98% accuracy and zero hallucinations.
  • Our products, InstaStack and InstaChat, enable quick deployment of chatbots.
  • They find, retrieve, and dynamically present information for engagement at every customer journey stage.
  • We empower businesses to integrate with multiple data systems for a 360-view of their customers.

The future of conversational interactions is bright with Botco.ai.

Our Leadership

The driving force behind our innovative genAI solutions, our diverse and experienced group of leaders are committed to guiding our company and clients towards success while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, all while breaking glass ceilings.

Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca Clyde

Co-Founder & CEO

A LatinX entrepreneur making waves in the world of business, Rebecca previously served as Co-Founder of Ideas Collide and Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech, Phoenix, and was recognized as one of the most influential women in Arizona in 2020.

Anu Shukla

Anu Shukla

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

She is a serial entrepreneur with 25 + years of experience with $1 billion in exits including Rubric and Tapjoy. She is also an active angel investor and a venture partner at Elevate.VC, supporting women and underrepresented minority founders.

Dr. Chris Maeda

Dr. Chris Maeda

Chief Technology Officer

Chris brings 30+ years of expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to the team, previously serving as the co-founder and CTO of Rubric and VP of Engineering and CTO of Broadbase.

Enric Ribas

Enric Ribas

Vice President of Engineering

With 15+ years of experience at Influitive, Ticketmaster, Wave Financial, and Mixmax, Enric is seasoned in merging technical functionality with user experience, resulting in innovative, user-centric products and solutions.

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Revolutionize the world of conversational interactions. Join Botco.ai, an industry leader in genAI Chat Cloud technology at the forefront of shaping the future of customer engagement. Our cutting-edge platform empowers businesses to create personalized, dynamic chatbots that deliver exceptional user experiences. If innovation is your game and real growth is your aim, click below to see our current job openings.

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