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A Comprehensive Guide to Conversational Marketing: Benefits, Tools, Types, and Chatbots


Jan 24, 2023

Learn what is conversational marketing and strategies to use it.

Conversational AI Websites: Leverage them to Transform the Game!


Jan 13, 2023

Learn how to implement conversational AI at scale and why it matters.

Improving Behavioral Health Delivery Through Digital Strategies


Nov 03, 2022

Co-CEO Drew Sherry discusses how Crisis Preparation Recovery improved behavioral health delivery through digital strategies and made a drastic shift ...

Make Versus Buy: Finding the Right Conversational Automation Solution for Your Brand


Jul 29, 2022 discusses the main factors when deciding on building or buying a chatbot and what will best suit your company ...

The Benefits of Integrating Conversational Automation with EHR Systems for Senior-Living and Memory-Care Communities


Jul 15, 2022

Medtelligent discuss the benefits of connecting's conversational automation to EHR systems in the assisted-living sector.

Improving the Patient Experience with Customer Service Chatbots


Jul 14, 2022 CEO, Rebecca Clyde discusses ways to improve the patient experience through digital interactions. Learn how conversational AI is being ...