Botco.Ai Reaffirms Commitment To Social Justice, Inclusivity, And Diversity. -

Botco.Ai Reaffirms Commitment To Social Justice, Inclusivity, And Diversity.

Dear friends of,

The tragedy of George Floyd’s death last week has left our nation reeling and grasping for, at long last, meaningful and impactful solutions for ills that have continued to plague our society, despite any progress for which our nation has striven these last several decades.  We cannot express the depth of our sympathies for Mr. Floyd’s family, his community, and all those who have been painfully impacted. This was not an isolated event, but rather the latest example of persistent and systemic injustice that has no place in any community of citizens.

At, we believe that dedication to inclusivity and diversity are core principles central to our working environment, the foundation upon which our vision as a partner and contributor to our community must be built.  Our mission must be mindful and attentive to these values, but also proactive.

We, therefore, find it imperative to implement meaningful steps to acknowledge and advance these principles, in the hope that we might join others in influencing real change. must project and reflect the inclusion we value, and this means an increasing dedication to listening, learning, and growing as we create an environment in which everyone finds themselves represented, valued, appreciated.

We eagerly join the community of organizations who have been re-energized by the horror of recent events to move forward with greater determination than ever to be the change we want to see, to embrace the challenge of confronting inequality and injustice, and to foster a workplace environment welcoming to and inclusive of all.

Each founder has made a personal contribution to causes that work to advance social justice and equality. We invite our fellow Arizona Innovation Challenge finalists and awardees, Alchemist Accelerator companies, and each of our investors to join us in donating extra-generously toward the following organizations: Black Lives MatterCampaign ZeroThe George Floyd Memorial FundNational Bail Out, and the African American Policy Forum.


Rebeca Clyde, Co-Founder & CEO
Chris Maeda, Co-Founder & CTO
Anu Shukla, Co-Founder & Executive Chairman