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Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with Botco.ai

National Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15 – October 15) traditionally honors the cultures of both Hispanic and LatinX Americans. Botco.ai is proud to celebrate the heritage rooted in all Latin American countries. The month coincides with national independence days in Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, and Chile. To continue our celebration, we are highlighting the culture, history, and representation of our Hispanic and LatinX team members.

“Diversity and inclusion continue to be a core part of Botco.ai’s culture. As we continue to grow, our team’s diverse backgrounds contribute to new ideas and perspectives, helping us create disruptive and innovative conversations.” Rebecca Clyde, Botco.ai Co-founder, and CEO

Rebecca Clyde

Botco.ai co-founder and CEO, Rebecca Clyde, is our future thinking, goal-oriented, and globally-minded marketing leader from Costa Rica. She grew up throughout Latin America, also living in Chile, Argentina, and Paraguay. She was recognized with the Athena Businesswoman of the Year in 2016 and has dedicated her career to mentoring women and entrepreneurs.

Antonio Duran

Antonio is a graduated software engineer from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic with seven years of experience in the field. Married to the love of his life, Antonio loves playing basketball, listening to music, and traveling.

Guilherme Almeida

Guilherme is an engineer and NLP expert from Brazil. He’s passionate about technology and has spent the past 4 years deepening his interests in artificial intelligence. At Botco.ai, he manages chatbot implementations, improvements, and customer training, working closely with our NLP engine. Outside of work, you can find Guilherme exploring the outdoors, snowboarding, or playing with his dog, Rafiki.

Luis Ogando

Software developer, Luis Ogando, joins the Botco.ai team from the Dominican Republic. When he’s not creating new web applications and solutions, you can find Luis enjoying a quiet drink on a cold night, reading, or watching a new television series.

Alberto Eduardo

After growing up in Caracas, Venezuela, Botco.ai’s in-house engineer Alberto has also lived in Egypt, Argentina, and Germany. Today, Alberto brings his passion for coding into the Botco.ai office to develop communication marketing technology for our clients. 

Open conversation and communication continue to lead as core values of our company. We remain dedicated to connecting people together through intelligent chat and look forward to pushing the importance of conversation in technology. How is your company celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month this year?