How transformed La Ventana’s pre-admissions process. -

How transformed La Ventana’s pre-admissions process.


For La Ventana, a Los Angeles-based addiction and mental health treatment program, every aspect of patient communication must be responsive, empathetic, and completely confidential, adhering to HIPAA compliance at every step along the way.  Learn how La Ventana used a HIPAA-compliant virtual agent to transform their pre-admissions process. 

The pre-admissions process can be time consuming and confusing on both sides of the marketplace. When potential patients have a hard time getting the answers they need in real time, you risk losing them to other treatment centers or providers. now partners with La Ventana to provide a transformative solution in the healthcare space, revolutionizing the admissions and intake process. With,  La Ventana now provides an intuitive and rapid way to verify benefits and insurance coverage, so there is complete clarity and understanding for a patient considering treatment. And intelligent chat permits patients to access vital treatment information at any time of day, not forcing patients to communicate within arbitrary “business hours.” positions La Ventana to be an industry leader in patient experience.


 Answer Questions About Treatment Programs


Whether you’re a patient or family member, La Ventana’s virtual agent creates a safe and completely confidential space to inquire about treatment outside of prescribed business hours.

La Ventana knew they wanted a conversational AI chat solution to give potential patients access to a positive and friendly voice that can answer routine questions about insurance programs, treatment details, and direct access to scheduling a call with admissions at any time of the day. The  HIPAA-compliant virtual agent  can answer questions about detox, partial hospitalization programs, residential treatment, outpatient treatment and supportive housing. Conversational chat supports the unique potential patient experience by being able to cover a myriad of pre-admission topics, ultimately reducing the barrier to treatment.

A patient can ask the virtual agent general questions about treatment options. For example, the virtual agent will provide answers to a user who requests mental illness treatment – including in-depth information on various treatment programs: residential, partial-hospitalization, in-patient, LGBTQ-focused, and telehealth program options. Prompts help steer users to the appropriate links delivering additional information they need.


Verify Benefits: A Game-Changing Integration for Addiction and Behavioral Health Centers


Traditional verification of insurance benefits (VOB) is a manual, tedious, often frustrating process that can take hours (and sometimes even days) going back and forth between a benefits coordinator and the potential patient. La Ventana, realized an ongoing issue – that they lose clients during the off-hours of nights, evenings and holidays – all times in which clients might need their services most. 

If a patient is not able to easily determine their insurance coverage, it’s not uncommon for them to seek a different treatment source and not return. Due to intelligent chat, La Ventana simplified and automated this process 24/7, 365 days a year, so verification of benefits can quickly be completed. La Ventana has seen a 20% increase in requests for verification of benefits since implementing a virtual agent.

When people are seeking mental and behavioral services, the ease with which they can receive help can be life-changing. 

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