How a Nationwide Healthcare Franchise Leverages Intelligent Chat -

How a Nationwide Healthcare Franchise Leverages Intelligent Chat

The American Family Care nationwide healthcare franchise offers an alternative, non-emergency room option for clients to access primary care, urgent care, minor emergency treatment, and occupational medicine. As COVID-19 swept the nation, the franchise needed a solution that quickly and efficiently answered hundreds of questions coming to their website. Ranging from scheduling patient visits, viewing test results, speaking about concerns, or learning what mask types would work, learn how CEO, Rebecca Clyde, and Brian Robinson, Manager of Franchise Development at American Family Care, worked together to create an intelligent chat solution that extended the efficiency of their team and instantly answers questions.

Leveraging Intelligent Chat to Increase Appointments

American Family Care’s conversational solution accurately addresses the needs of patients, 24/7, allowing users to input specific questions and get real responses as if they were talking to a real receptionist at any of their locations. This solution has decreased call volume by quickly answering questions using natural language processing and artificial intelligence. The American Family Care solution ultimately increases the conversion rate of website inquiries by creating personalized conversation journeys with visitors. And, in a time of increased online threats and security risks, American Family Care’s solution is HIPAA and PHI-compliant, keeping user information safe and confidential.

Offer a Variety of Funnels to Capture Unique Audiences

As American Family Care’s chat solution continued to qualify leads and answer user questions, a vital portion of their business was still being attended to, all via the intelligent chat solution: growing their franchises. Thanks to the integration of artificial intelligence into their chat channels, the solution was able to automatically recognize and respond to potential franchisees and redirect them to their sales website. Using, American Family Care is able to deliver a rich, personalized experience that ultimately led to higher conversion rates and satisfied customers.

Improved Patient and Organization Experience

A crucial experience in any intelligent chat solution is the ability for easy handover to a live agent, an automated ticketing system or to a frequently managed email inbox. American Family Care’s chat is able to offer its healthcare patients, providers and potential franchisees its virtual conversation portal. At a certain point in the sales conversation, the automated agent has the ability to step back and turn the lead over to business growth managers to make the final pitch. The automated solution, based on, is able to handle the bulk of inquiries and only the qualified exceptions are handed over to the live agent. This allows the live agent to spend their valuable time with the most qualified prospects, while everyone else benefits from instant, intelligent responses. The result is an improved user experience across the board.

“It’s a smart AI. [ was] able to program [the solution] to continuously grow… and also have the ability to transfer [a patient] to a live rep if needed.”  Brian Robinson, Manager of Franchise Development at American Family Care

Modern healthcare companies can leverage intelligent chat for lead qualification, appointment-setting and to shorten their sales cycle. is able to do all this, and so much more, launching faster than other AI chat solutions. Click here to book a demo with our team and here to watch our webinar as Rebecca and Brian discuss the efficiency and importance of personalized conversations for an improved patient experience.