Behavioral Health and Addiction Services -

Behavioral Health and Addiction Services has improved access to mental health services in communities around the country. Our conversational automation platform enables meaningful engagement solutions outside of therapy – from web chat to SMS integration. It enables information and interaction, provides verification of benefits, and answers client questions 24/7. turbocharges lead qualification by providing a 360-degree view of the customer journey from inquiry to intake and beyond by integrating with EHR systems.

From Verified To Admitted In Minutes

Verify Benefits Automatically

Let your visitors verify their benefits on their own using our self-serve verification chat flow.

Qualify And Send Leads to EHR + CRM

Qualify visitors in seconds and route them to the right workflows using your existing EHR or CRM.

Answer Patients 24/7

Give your visitors the answers they need. Answer your future patients’ most urgent questions and train your AI with new questions every day.

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