Benefits of Integrating Conversational AI Automation with EHR Systems in Senior Living -

The Benefits of Integrating Conversational Automation with EHR Systems for Senior-Living and Memory-Care Communities

The integration of and Medtelligent provides a 360-degree view of the resident experience

With an increasingly wide and diverse array of assisted-living options, finding the right community for a loved one can be overwhelming. Comparing factors such as cost, care plans, staff, amenities and overall culture can take a considerable amount of time when reviewing websites, calling various facilities, sending emails to ask questions and taking in-person tours. 

Making the best senior-care decisions is easier than ever with the help of’s intelligent chatbots powered by conversational AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Medtelligent’s Assisted Living Intelligent Solutions (ALIS), an electronic-record software platform for assisted-living communities. ALIS (pronounced like “Alice”) assists the full-spectrum, assessment-to-billing workflow. With the integration of these two powerful platforms, assisted-living facilities and senior-living centers are reaping the benefits of engagement at scale while delivering a better customer experience to residents and their families.

This intersection between healthcare and technology comes just at the right time, as the U.S. population has a sizable demographic of aging seniors. According to the Urban Institute, a nonprofit policy research organization that provides data and evidence to help advance upward mobility and equity, the number of Americans ages 65 and older will more than double over the next 40 years, reaching 80 million in 2040. In addition, the number of adults who are 85 and older —the group most often needing help with personal care—will nearly quadruple between 2000 and 2040.

In a recent webinar, Medtelligent COO Trisha Cole and Medtelligent Customer Support Specialist Jacqueline Stewart joined CEO and Co-founder Rebecca Clyde to discuss the benefits of conversational automation in the assisted-living sector and showed an in-depth demo of the innovative, virtual-agent program.

Benefits of Integrating Conversational AI Automation with EHR Systems in Senior Living - what is your biggest challenge? - Botco-ai

Benefits of Conversational AI Automation

Improve customer engagement and service

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, people expect to quickly get the information they’re seeking, whatever the time of day or night. People researching assisted-living communities for their family members want to be able to ask questions asynchronously outside of normal business hours. Oftentimes, conversations with virtual agents happen at night or on the weekends when people have time to learn more about the care facilities in their community. 

Whether the inquiries revolve around staff, care plans, dietary restrictions, pets or prayer services, can address a multitude of frequently asked questions for any assisted-living community.’s AI-driven chatbots are virtual agents programmed to answer questions and gather information on potential residents. This information is transferred into ALIS, where community staff can access insightful information before ever meeting prospective residents. 

“The collaboration between and Medtelligent is truly a game-changer for senior-living facilities and assisted-living centers,” CEO and Co-founder Rebecca Clyde said. “Together, we at and Medtelligent are working to elevate expectations by bringing all of the prowess of digital and customer experiences to the table.”

Deliver personalized care

Benefits of Integrating Conversational AI Automation with EHR Systems in Senior Living - senior care -’s integration with ALIS captures consumer preferences to personalize communications, enables an improved experience for family members, helps to provide consistent and exceptional care management, and ensures engagement through the entire resident lifecycle. All information stays on residents’ files for their entire stay, which in turn helps to build better relationships with residents and personalize the care they receive.

“Our population is aging, so the burden on the industry is going to increase exponentially over time,” Clyde said. “For all of us in this industry, that means being at the top of our game and making sure we have clear visibility into how touchpoints are connected to deliver exceptional care.”

Increase operational performance 

With Medtelligent’s comprehensive suite of EHR tools, ALIS solves key challenges many assisted-living communities face using secure technology to effectively manage electronic medication administration records (eMAR), compile integrated assessments, adhere to regulatory compliance across state lines, and manage accounts receivable and invoicing.

Accelerate lead generation and elevate resident occupancy

Benefits of Integrating Conversational AI Automation with EHR Systems in Senior Living - laptop ALIS dashboard - Botco.aiLead generation is top of mind for many assisted-living and memory-care portfolios as occupancy rates are still recovering due to the effects of the pandemic.’s intelligent chat enables prospects to easily converse and interact, resulting in significantly higher conversion rates. ALIS’s EHR software supports the sales cycle by providing instant updates on room availability, available amenities and services offered. 

“By utilizing’s conversational automation platform integrated with ALIS, assisted-living communities can easily gather sensitive customer information that would be difficult to obtain through fliers and mailers,” Medtelligent Customer Support Specialist Jacqueline Stewart added.

Achieve ROI’s clients achieve ROI quickly and see results within the first month of virtual-agent implementation via uplifts in leads and new resident move-ins. A number of senior-living and assisted-living communities have already been utilizing’s intelligent chat service to capture interactions on their websites through automated conversations with virtual agents. 

Be more responsive with virtual agents fluent in your business

“Medtelligent’s clients are embracing new ways to communicate with customers outside of person-to-person conversations,” Medtelligent Chief Operating Officer Trisha Cole said. “People looking for assisted living are often already distressed and worried, and automated interactions with virtual agents can take a weight off their shoulders.”

Virtual agents can be navigated with either chat buttons or typed questions. can also implement dynamic content such as floor plans, documents and videos into the virtual chat. If a user wants to speak with a live agent, can refer them to a phone number, collect their phone number and generate a call or text inquiry, or hand the chat off to a live agent if one’s available. 

Ensure data security and privacy

The virtual agent starts collecting information when the user requests to schedule a facility tour. Encrypted both in transit and at rest, all information collected through’s intelligent chatbot is transferred into ALIS, which triggers a text, email or phone request for confirmation of the facility tour. In the case of assisted-living communities that have multiple locations, notes which facility the prospect is interested in. ALIS then routes that information to those targeted facilities. ALIS can also move records across different facilities if residents change locations. And with privacy and data security being of the utmost importance, all information in ALIS is hosted in a HIPAA-compliant database and replicated in triplicate across three other HIPAA-compliant databases.

Drive workforce development strategies

As staffing issues continue to be a huge concern for assisted-living communities, technology can also help with workforce development strategies. With healthcare professionals, doctors, nurses and caregivers having a multitude of choices of where to work in this industry sector, and ALIS enable the ability to capture information on prospective staff members that provides hiring managers with valuable leads on new hires.

Cole added, “I don’t know anyone who wakes up and says, ‘I want to do more paperwork as part of my caregiving or healthcare job.’ Presenting a modern experience driven by technology enables assisted-living, memory-care and independent-living communities to attract and retain the best talent. And by removing tedious paperwork from their burden, caregivers can focus more on what they love to do: providing personalized care and working directly with their clients.”

Learn more and get started today

Forward-thinking, assisted-living communities are increasingly adopting virtual agents and connecting AI-driven chatbot platforms to electronic health record (EHR) systems.’s platform for automated conversations powered by virtual agents, when integrated with Medtelligent’s ALIS EHR system, delivers exceptional results and ROI for senior-living and assisted-living communities.

VISIT HERE to watch’s webinar replay of “ The Benefits of Integrating Conversational Automation with EHR Systems for Senior Living and Memory Care Communities” featuring Medtelligent COO Trisha Cole and Medtelligent Customer Support Specialist Jacqueline Stewart.

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