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The AI Difference and its affiliates offers custom marketing solutions. We leverage AI integrations and strategic thinking to quickly and effectively execute on your marketing plan.​

Market & Audience Targeting

Optimize your reach with our precision-targeted market and audience planning services, ensuring you connect with the right customers.

Campaign & Messaging Strategy

Elevate your brand with our strategic campaign development, tailored to deliver compelling messaging that resonates with your audience.

Conversational Commerce

Engage customers like never before with our conversational commerce solutions, blending rich content with seamless management for dynamic interactions.

Campaign Execution & Analytics

Experience seamless campaign execution complemented by detailed reporting, for insights that drive continuous improvement and success.

Creative Development & Production

Bring your ideas to life with our comprehensive creative development and production services, covering both digital and traditional media.

Content Creation & AI SEO

Enhance your digital presence with our expert content creation, smartly integrated with AI-driven search optimization for maximum visibility.

Marketing Automation & Segmentation

Streamline your marketing efforts with our advanced automation tools and precise audience segmentation, for campaigns that hit the mark every time.

Research & Campaign Insights

Leverage the synergy of AI and our marketing expertise for in-depth research, actionable insights, and comprehensive campaign reporting.

Seemless Integration with Your Technology Stack

  • Website
  • CMS – WordPress
  • CRM
  • Contact Solutions Center
  • Google Analytics

Our Customers

Our Leadership

The driving force behind our innovative GenAI solutions, our diverse and experienced group of leaders are committed to guiding our company and clients towards success while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, all while breaking glass ceilings.

Rebecca Clyde

Rebecca Clyde

Co-Founder & CEO

Based in Phoenix, Arizona, Rebecca is a LatinX entrepreneur making waves in the world of business, Rebecca previously served as Co-Founder of Ideas Collide and Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech, Phoenix, and was recognized as one of the most influential women in Arizona in 2020.

Anu Shukla

Anu Shukla

Co-Founder & Executive Chairman

Based in California, she is a serial entrepreneur with 25 + years of experience with $1 billion in exits including Rubric and Tapjoy. She is also an active angel investor and a venture partner at Elevate.VC, supporting women and underrepresented minority founders.

Geoff Hyatt

Geoff Hyatt

Vice President of Sales

Based in Denver, Colorado, Geoff comes to with 20+ years of global experience as a sales and marketing leader in early-stage and large companies focused on consumer products, the healthcare industry, and optimizing organizational performance.

Dr. Chris Maeda

Dr. Chris Maeda

Chief Technology Officer

Based in Salem, New Hampshire, Chris brings 30+ years of expertise in computer science, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to the team, previously serving as the co-founder and CTO of Rubric and VP of Engineering and CTO of Broadbase.

Enric Ribas

Enric Ribas

Vice President of Engineering

Based in Toronto, Canada, with 15+ years of experience at Influitive, Ticketmaster, Wave Financial, and Mixmax, Enric is seasoned in merging technical functionality with user experience, resulting in innovative, user-centric products and solutions.

Jacob Molina

Jacob Molina

Account & Product Manager

Based in Montreal, Canada, Jacob arrived to having built chatbot applications to help hotels provide concierge assistance. He collaborates with our marketing services agency and is a strategic marketer in setting messaging and campaign directions.

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