3 Secrets to Double Your Patient Capture Rate - Botco.ai

3 Secrets to Double Your Patient Capture Rate

In this webinar, Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-founder of Botco.ai joins Botco.ai team members Taylor Dunne, CX Manager; and Jacob Molina, Product Manager. They give healthcare organizations 3 critical steps to double your website’s lead generation efforts (patient capture rate) and help you meet your business goals. 

You’ll learn:

  • Strategies to help you better understand your patients’ needs, and provide them with an on-demand, intelligent chat integration they can access anytime, day or night
  • The art of crafting a compelling CTA to facilitate more conversions
  • How to reimagine the online experience for patients to center their needs, use a virtual agent to provide answers to their questions, and maintain HIPAA-compliant confidentiality
  • The process of implementing an intelligent chat solution with Botco.ai that helps you meet your business goals


In 2021, healthcare organizations are poised at an exciting but overwhelming crossroads. How you can best provide a customer-centered user experience for patients coming to your website, and capture their business has never been a more critical proposition. 

The Botco.ai team offers an empathetic, practical approach to optimizing your patient intake channels. This webinar includes real-world solutions to implement in your current marketing with a fresh eye to the user experience by leveraging AI chat.

As Co-founder, Rebecca Clyde says, it starts by thinking about  “how we can turn our websites into conversational agents. It’s almost like finally being able to reach out and connect with our consumers in a way that hasn’t been possible” before. 


The team tackles tough questions like, can you make your business accessible to customers 24/7? What is the best, scalable approach to doing so? Can a solution ultimately result in cost reduction and streamlining of the lead qualification process?

They’ll also discuss the challenges of converting website visitors, and what to do if they are not converting at the rate you would like. With visitors making snap decisions in the moment, you need to know what tactics are working and which may be an impediment to your success. Understanding the unique journey of each visitor can help you strategize productively for the future. 

Finally, providing dynamic and personalized experiences does not have to come at the expense of technology. You can do both when you start to digitally track your online interactions with patients. Analytics can help you provide even better services to your patients. After all, you need to provide your patients with a digital front door experience, potentially by including a virtual agent strategy.


Patients “may be coming to your digital property looking for something that you perhaps didn’t even realize they were looking for…[a new approach]…can open up new revenue streams and new opportunities to expand the business,” according to Clyde. 


Watch the webinar for a concise, straightforward and strategic approach to better patient engagement from Botco.ai.  With a few key optimizations, Botco.ai can help you connect with patients knocking on  your “digital front door” and improve their experience while adding to your bottom line. Watch now.