The Power of Intelligent Chat in Healthcare -

The Power of Intelligent Chat in Healthcare

Learn how your medical practice could use automation to drive cost-savings, patient acquisition, and retention. Listen to CEO & co-founder, Rebecca Clyde, discuss the power of intelligent chat nurturing in the healthcare industry with Victoria Gleichman from Rexpay, a digitized solution for medical billing.


Rebecca shared a great example of how busy parents expect to interact with their healthcare providers:

“When one of my kids has an ear infection, I don’t want to be on the phone—for an hour—waiting to get through to my pediatrician’s scheduler to make an appointment. That’s not a great experience. What I want to do is have a quick chat via their website and confirm a time slot for an appointment. That saves me from the long wait time, and now I know exactly when to bring my child in.”

In short: Patients want on-demand answers about on-demand services. And yet, many traditional providers still don’t understand how to interact with their patients.

That’s where comes in. drives better patient engagement through chatbot messaging and instant automated responses. “Gone are the days of blocking off my entire afternoon for an appointment,” said Rebecca. “Today’s modern consumer expects optimal experiences. Providers that want to improve their patient experience are gravitating to our product to automate answering questions about availability, scheduling, and more.”

As Rebecca shared: When a patient can get an immediate answer, the capture rate is at least two times higher.

For providers that are still expecting patients to endure long wait times, Rebecca recommends considering how doing so might be hurting business. also analyzes data gathered from questions posed to the chatbot and helps companies leverage that information to develop new lines of business. Responding to patients’ needs with a new product or service—a line of business you might not otherwise have discovered without the data collected by your chatbot feature—can help drive new revenue for your business.

Automation Is The Future Of Healthcare

Automated processes can not only improve the patient experience, they help healthcare providers drive cost savings and increase employee satisfaction as well.

Here are a few data points to consider:

  • Research suggests patients want digital experiences. According to Black Book Market Research, 90% of patients say that their loyalty hangs on a satisfactory digital experience.
  • A third of our spending in healthcare could be saved through automation. The 2019 CAQH Index reported that an estimated $13.3 billion, which makes up 33% of healthcare administrative spend, can be saved annually through automation.
  • Automation will transform far more jobs than it will eliminate. According to McKinsey & Company, less than 5% of occupations could be completely automated using current technologies. However, at least 30% of employee activities in about 60% of occupations could be automated.

So, how do those figures parlay to improving the patient and employee experience?

Healthcare providers need to think about making their patient experience more frictionless,” Rebecca said. “That is, lowering the barriers to scheduling an appointment, filling out paperwork, or even paying your bill—which is exactly what RexPay can help with.”

“All of those touchpoints can be unpleasant,” she said. “Providers that care about improving the patient experience—through AI or other digital experiences—will win over the modern-day consumer. And, the same goes for employees. If a provider leverages automation to free their employees’ time up to focus on meaningful work, they’ll be rewarded with more satisfied employees, too.”