Transforming Patient Engagement -

Transforming Patient Engagement

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the move from traditional provider-centric models of care towards consumer-centric care, increasingly available online and at home. Today, patients demand convenience and the ability to access healthcare through multiple channels – safely, easily, and 24/7. In this webinar, Ryan Bertram and Royce Cheng of The Chartis Group and Anu Shukla, co-founder, discuss how they are working with healthcare organizations to elevate patient engagement, navigating the new era of medicine with AI-enabled chat.

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Redesigning Points of Service for Evolving Consumer Expectations

Today, patients expect healthcare providers to give them more control over their journey. They demand it be easy to stay connected in a personalized and “always-on” fashion. Evolving consumer expectations demand providers modernize with technologies able to deliver instant, personalized, and meaningful communication, no matter the time or day.’s intelligent chat nurturing allows providers to offer just this. Instant, always-on responses via chat allow patients to advance through their journey at their own pace via smartphone, tablet, or laptop. Whether they’re at home or in a car, patients are able to access multiple points of service to enable more efficient consumer acquisition and retention. The pandemic necessitated that organizations move towards a consumer-centric model for healthcare delivery.

Integrating Self-Service Strategy to Drive Efficiency

The self-service economy has grown rapidly in the past few years, and this trend is expected to continue over the next decade, with Grand View Research projecting the market to reach a valuation of 46 billion USD by 2027. Users demand to be in control, whether they’re planning a purchase, or finding answers to questions post-purchase. As the self-service economy evolves, traditional ‘human’ customer service must also evolve.’s integrated self-service strategy empowers consumers and promotes service growth, enabling desired care outcomes and driving organizational efficiency with less strain on customer service representatives. Thanks to AI-enabled technologies, providers are able to offer a scalable, adaptive strategy along the care journey. And, if patients do need to speak to a live agent, the solution is able to transfer over seamlessly.

Developing Multi-Channel Navigation With AI

Where are your users and what do they need? Understanding the immense variety of channels modern consumers use is crucial to developing AI-based navigation that meets the consumer where they already are. solutions are able to provide support and empower consumers through multi-channel navigation and automated chat capability for your website, landing pages, messaging channels and all your social properties, leading to increased patient engagement. The integrated dashboard also empowers providers with data about clients, so they can efficiently process user requests and learn more about their potential users.

Traditional patient engagement practices are insufficient for modern healthcare companies. Prepare your business for the growing shift in the self-service, consumer-centric economy with an intelligent chat nurturing strategy. Click here to book a demo with our team and here to watch our webinar as Anu, Ryan, and Royce discuss how to design consumer-centric models for healthcare delivery.