GenAI Chatbots: HR's New Superheroes -

GenAI Chatbots: HR's New Superheroes

Rakasha Umesh, Senior Customer Success Manager at | David Knack, Account Executive at

November 8, 2023 | 40m

Once intelligent agents are on your website, you’ll notice an increase in inquiries from job seekers and potential employees, alongside prospects and customers. In fields like Senior Living, Healthcare, Special Education staffing, Behavioral health, and more, where a shortage of skilled staff hinders growth, it’s vital to treat potential employees with care. swiftly deploys GenAI-assisted AI agents and brings these best practices to our workshop. Additionally, addressing simple, urgent employee requests promptly is crucial for retention. HR teams may lack the capacity to respond quickly, potentially affecting morale and talent retention in a competitive job market.

In this webinar, discover how GenAI chatbots can revolutionize HR. We’ll delve into best practices for streamlining HR processes efficiently, covering topics such as:

  • Streamlining Workforce Management.
  • Enhancing Candidate Experience.
  • Simplifying Onboarding and Training.
  • Ensuring Policy Compliance.

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