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Leveraging GenAI and Global Resources for Mental Health Care

Rebecca Clyde, Botco.ai CEO

April 29, 2024 | 46m

Join our essential webinar to learn about the transformative power of GenAI chat technologies combined with a global network of bilingual therapists in enhancing mental health support for employer-based health plans. We will introduce a groundbreaking approach that utilizes GenAI for creating personalized care pathways, connecting individuals with optimal mental health solutions, and addressing the crucial shortage of mental health professionals.

This streamlined session targets employers, health plan providers, and mental health professionals committed to improving care accessibility and effectiveness with innovative technology solutions.

Key Outcomes:

  • Global Accessibility: Unlock access to affordable, bilingual therapists globally, addressing the urgent need for more mental health professionals and expanding care options.
  • Integrating the Clinical Eye: Highlight the essential role of trained international psychologists in enhancing GenAI capabilities, providing a human touch and critical insights to improve AI’s decision-making and therapy personalization.
  • GenAI-Driven Matchmaking: Utilize GenAI technology for precise matching with therapists or programs, ensuring care is accurately tailored to individual needs.
  • Comprehensive Integration: Achieve a holistic view of client interactions through seamless system integrations, improving strategic decisions and outcomes for health plans and employers.
  • Enhanced Engagement: Discover the impact of AI chatbots on client engagement and acquisition, significantly increasing the ROI for mental health services.

This webinar is your opportunity to explore how the synergy of GenAI and international mental health expertise can revolutionize care delivery, making mental health services more accessible, personalized, and effective.

Meet the Panelists:

  • Rebecca Clyde, Botco.ai CEO
  • Emilio Goldenhersch, CEO and Co-founder @ MindCo Health

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