STCHealth: Leveraging The Powerful Combination of AI Chat and Live Chat -

STCHealth: Leveraging The Powerful Combination of AI Chat and Live Chat

Michelle Bonjour - Director of Consumer Engagement at STChealth, Asad Tufail - Director of Customer Success at STChealth

October 14, 2020 | 48 mins

STChealth’s consumer access solution, MyIR Mobile™, allows consumers to access digital immunization records contained in public health immunization information systems (IIS). This provides quick access to important patient health records at a time when there is an urgency to maintain traditional vaccines, and ensure families are fully vaccinated for this year’s flu and the upcoming COVID-19 vaccine when available. In Mississippi alone, over 4,200 consumers accessed their immunization records in the last 7 days (August 2020) from the state IIS without the need to visit their provider or check their paper records. Nearly 22,200 consumers checked their records in the last 30 days. STC health turned to to scale its consumer outreach and streamline the user experience by combining AI chat with its existing Live Chat services. At this Webinar you will learn how to: -Integrate AI chat with live chat so you can scale consumer reach without increasing staff -Train your intelligent chat agent using live data from the integrated dashboard -Leverage integrated dashboard analytics to understand customers -Improve the quality of conversations and responses over time -Step-by-step best practices to implement an AI chat solution and combine it with your Live service agent desks or call center

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