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With a proven track record of profitable results, learn from our success stories, how-to’s, and best practices on how conversational AI can improve your business.

ChatGPT, Bard et al: Generative AI for Enterprise Growth and Engagement

Mar 23, 2023

Join our fireside chat on using Generative AI to drive enterprise growth and customer engagement. Explore large language models, genAI ...

Botco.ai Webinar | How to Generate More Business Using Bilingual Interactions

Mar 09, 2023

Break language barriers and drive business growth with bilingual AI chat, inclusive interactions, and improved accessibility for non-English speakers. ...

Utilizing Technology to Engage with Donors and Raise More Money

Feb 02, 2023

Learn from our experts six effective steps to turbocharge your donor engagement with ai cloud. View Botco.ai's webinar series on ...

The State of Chatbots in Contact Centers

Jan 20, 2023

Gain valuable insights and data to help optimize your contact center operations.

How to Use Conversational AI for B2B Demand Generation

Dec 15, 2022

Learn how B2B marketers have seen a considerable boost in both the quality and quantity of the leads their demand ...

Streamlining Verification of Benefits with AI Chat. Spotlight: Behavioral Health Services

Oct 25, 2022

Learn how Connections Wellness Group combined conversational AI with robust, self-service insurance verification that enabled them to instantly provide co-pay and annual ...

Better Al Chat Conversations to Turbocharge Demand Generation

Sep 28, 2022

Are your marketing and sales teams frustrated with low-quality, incomplete leads that consist only of a name, email, and maybe ...