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Combining GenAI with SMS to Accelerate the Journey from Inquiry to Closed Deals

Explore the seamless fusion of cutting-edge AI technology and efficient SMS capabilities, propelling conversions and enhancing interactions across various industries. Join us for our next live session on December 5th at 11 AM PST.

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Botco.ai Webinar Series

With a proven track record of profitable results, learn from our success stories, how-to’s, and best practices on how GenAI tools can improve your business.


GenAI Chatbots: HR's New Superheroes

Nov 08, 2023

Botco.ai swiftly deploys GenAI Chatbots and brings these best practices to our workshop. In this webinar, discover how GenAI chatbots ...

Embed GenAI Chatbots in Your SaaS Product for Better Support and Adoption

Oct 26, 2023

Discover how Botco.ai's GenAI Chat Cloud and Syncari crafted a GenAI Chatbots solution to transform customer support for Syncari’s B2B ...

Trends in Senior Living: Using GenAI to Increase Census and Retain Staff

Sep 21, 2023

Watch our free webinar to discover how digital innovation with GenAI is transforming senior living to meet evolving needs.

Streamlining and Expanding Mental Health and Addiction Services with GenAI Chat

Aug 28, 2023

Watch our free, insightful webinar on how Camelback Recovery utilizes genAI chatbots to revolutionize mental health and addiction treatment services.

How GenAI Enables Better Education, Support and Fundraising: The ALS Experience

Aug 18, 2023

Watch our free webinar to learn how ALS utilizes GenAI chatbots to revolutionize education, fundraising, & support services for ALS ...

Together for Arizona: Expanding Community Reach and Impact with the GenAI T4AZ Chatbot

Jul 27, 2023

Learn how the T4AZ Chatbot revolutionizes community support by connecting families in crisis with resources.

Unlocking the Potential: GenAI in Healthcare Marketing

Jul 19, 2023

Discover the transformative power of GenAI in healthcare marketing, which revolutionizes patient engagement.