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Chatbot + CMS Integration Case Study: How integrated their AI-powered chatbot technology with Umbraco CMS

Like most websites in the ever-changing digital age, there is a multitude of data that provides your existing customers, online visitors and potential clients with valuable information. And in today’s fast-paced mobile environment, people want answers fast without having to contact customer service. But not all websites are created equally. To improve customer engagement quickly and efficiently, many forward-thinking businesses and organizations across a wide swathe of industry sectors are turning to intelligent chatbots.

According to a new study published by titled “The State of Chatbots in Marketing 2022,” two-thirds of survey respondents would rather use a chatbot than browse a website. The report also sheds light on consumer attitudes and preferences towards chatbots as well as how businesses are using chatbots to enhance the customer experience and engage them throughout the customer journey.

With our best AI chatbots technology you can answer a lot of the questions your potential customers and existing clients might have without you or your staff taking up valuable time answering them individually. While much of this information is likely on your website already, chatbots save a user from having to search around and can provide the answers in the chat window or easily direct online visitors to that information on your website.

One of’s customers, a large state economic development organization, runs their website with Umbraco—a content management system (CMS) that is known for its flexibility and great editing experience. This agency utilized to create an intelligent chatbot that made it easier for online visitors to navigate its new detailed roadmap of how to start a small business. Since there are a lot of variables to consider when starting a small business such as county requirements, licensing requirements, state or county requirements, and so much more, the amount of online information was not only thorough and comprehensive, but also vast.

Sounds fairly easy to solve, right? Not really…especially when there’s no single correct answer to any given question. For every 100 people inquiring about starting a small business, there are at least 100 different answers to any given question. The dilemma: how do we get a chatbot to correctly tell you what’s the right answer for your business? Spoiler alert: the team at really loves a good challenge.

Because comprehensive websites tend to have more long-form content, expect to see long paragraphs and bigger blocks of text. However, chatbots are not conducive to large blocks of text and need short, concise content. Basically, linking the chatbot to the organization’s CMS presented challenges in addressing the format of the text. 

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Thinking outside of the box and incorporating AI is what we do best at To overcome this challenge, utilized its AI to take the organization’s long-form web content in Umbraco and extracted the essential details. By taking over 450 content nodes and dynamically populating chatbot responses that can respond to questions based upon all the variables the users may have, solved this challenge by connecting to their Umbraco CMS and creating an API call into every single one of their content nodes. Essentially, a detailed paragraph turned into two sentences. The main idea of the content is conveyed and is mobile-device friendly, as opposed to all of the minute details of the lengthy content.

This project of dynamically generating chatbot content was exciting and fulfilling for the entire team. Launched as a small tech startup. has come full circle and is now paying it forward to help fledgling businesses grow and succeed.

So now, when an entrepreneur who is looking to launch a small business asks the chatbot a question about a particular topic or a particular type of business or a locale, they are provided with pointed answers that are specific to their unique circumstance. It’s also afforded us at with the opportunity to start thinking more about enterprise-type clients with lots of website content and how we can dynamically keep their content sources updated without having to keep updating the chatbot every time something changes in the source content.

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