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We are thrilled to be listed in Silicon India’s 100 most promising technology companies run by Indians in the US (published January 2020).

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“, located in Phoenix, Arizona, is a provider of a conversational marketing platform that is enabling meaningful and intelligent conversations between businesses and their customers—something that many enterprises have failed to achieve. With a management team that has an expanse of experience in marketing automation operations, is changing the narrative when it comes to the ways enterprises are marketing their wares to customers.’s journey in the marketing automation space began in 2017, when Anu Shukla, Co-founder and executive chairman, and Rebecca Clyde, Co-founder and CEO at met at the Girls in Tech Catalyst Conference that was held at Phoenix. After engaging in a jovial conversation, the two marketing geniuses realized the similarities in their methods and ideologies in shaping a future for the marketing automation sector and decided to meet to have a discussion on the topic.

A few brainstorming sessions later, Anu and Rebecca had discovered that though technology had entered the marketing automation forte, not much had changed in terms of operational processes in the marketing sector. Anu, an experienced entrepreneur and creator of one of the first marketing automation platforms, Rubric, would rope in Chris Maeda, CTO at, and together strike a deal with Rebecca to kick start business at a company where the mission is in bringing change to the frontier of marketing technology.

Digital communication streams such as social media, SMS, and multiple mobile-based chat applications are imperative for the proper channeling of both internal and external organizational communication. Keeping this factor in mind, envisioned its next-generation chatbots that can be customized to suit client requirements. The automated conversational solutions are powered by AI at the core, and allow organizations to conduct one-on-one sessions with many customers simultaneously. Firms can give immediate, accurate, and helpful responses to users or potential buyers asking particular questions about their products and services.

A subscription-based software product, the user of the chat solution is provided with login credentials and can access the application that is run directly from a cloud database. Once the initialization is complete, enterprises can feed existing knowledge or content sources that they may have to train the conversational AI bot. In a short time frame, companies can have the customer support system up and running either on a website or embedded into their Facebook Messenger with further features and domains set to be added as makes more headway into the sector.

One of the major uses of the chatbot for enterprises is ‘Intelligent Chat Nurturing,’ the platform is used to design and configure conversational engagements over time as it has an understanding of prior interactions and the intelligence to know the next steps. In the adverse case that a discussion gets to a point where human involvement is required, the bot is programmed to immediately notify a professional. The expert can take over the dialogue and offer further customer responses, and return the conversation to the application once all escalations have been handled.’s approach allows humans and technology to combine perfectly; in most cases, the chatbot can handle the conversations over 96 percent of the time.

A client at, a nationwide wellness franchise, Massage Envy uses the chat solution to engage with existing as well as potential customers. On commencement of deployment, Massage Envy has seen a rise in appointment bookings and is able to maintain consistent service delivery across all of its locations.

Formerly, operating on an invitation-only basis for clients, is ready to go to market with a complete chat solution that is agile and seamless for enterprise utilization. In addition, the company is integrating other marketing technology and CRM systems such as Marketo, Pardot, and Oracle Eloqua that can further enhance the experience for the customer.”