Global Trends in Messaging Preferences -

Global Trends in Messaging Preferences

Does everyone who interacts with you- whether family, work or friends, knows that the best way to reach you is via messaging?

Depending on the relationship, this messaging interaction might happen on a different platform.

Whether you communicate with board member colleagues via Slack almost exclusively. With family and friends outside the US, it’s always Whatsapp or Messenger. With family in the US, it’s iMessage or SMS. With my co-founders, we use Messenger for quick updates and Slack for project communication.

As businesses, how well are we adjusting our customer engagement platforms to accommodate our customers’ communication preferences? And if we have millions of customers, how do we automate these interactions without losing the ability to personalize those experiences and create a rich, meaningful interaction?

Most of our important non-face-to-face communications is happening through messaging and that trend is expected to continue.

For your reference, here is a handy chart courtesy of Market Intelligence Insights that gives you an overview of the top messaging apps around the world. I personally find it quite useful when guiding a discussion on the best way to reach a particular customer segment and understand their preferences.

Happy messaging!