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Upcoming Tech Trends

The world is changing rapidly. With this, comes a whole host of predictions on what technology will take center stage in the months to come. We’ve already seen 2020 get to a busy start, but we predict this year won’t be so much about completely new technology as it will be a turning point in the evolution of many tech trends that have been bubbling under the surface for the last few years. 

1. Now, more than ever, we are living almost entirely in an on-demand economy. From takeout to delivery customers expect and often make decisions based on immediate and up to date information. Real-time communication platforms are best equipped to handle this need. The market is responding with 22% of Americans investing $45M into it. The on-demand economy will continue to disturb conventional business systems throughout the year, meeting consumers where they are is more important than ever.

2. Though 5G mobile data networks in 2019 were limited in reach and pretty expensive, 2020 is poised to be a different story. Verizon’s CEO has announced that in response to the global pandemic Verizon will step up their capital guidance range. 5G will result in the lightning-fast, super stable internet that allows the world to stay connected. With an increase in working from home and people staying inside web traffic increased by 20% in one week. The speed and stability of 5G will allow autonomous things and smart machinery to collect and transfer more data more quickly than ever before. 

3. Talk about the perfect segue. Autonomous things are also on track to rapidly expand. First thing that comes to mind is autonomous driving, where trucking and shipping is expected to see new advances in autonomy, in addition to the more conventional vehicles and taxis that we tend to immediately think of. Get ready for lots of headlines around regulation, legislation and – on a more positive note – innovation. Other autonomous things that are likely to be top of mind including robots, drones, ships and appliances. Think things that can perform a well-defined, repetitive purpose all by themselves. Right now, they are primarily restricted to specific working environments, but get ready for them to evolve into the public space.

4. In terms of artificial intelligence, the sky’s the limit. In fact, Forbes recently collected 120 AI predictions, compiling the thoughts and intuitions of 120 senior executives all involved in AI. The feedback captured by Forbes is a remarkable snapshot into these executives’ perceptions of what’s working, what’s not and where AI needs to go in the next year and beyond to be the most effective. Right now some doctors are even using AI to track the COVID-9 outbreak. Beyond the pandemic the general consensus for how AI will evolve in 2020 includes:

    1. Improvements in voice 
    2. A rise in AI and machine learning implementation across all industries
    3. A measurable impact on AI as it relates to streamlining the customer experience
    4. An increased evaluation on the data we collect – is it usable, transferable and what are we doing with it?

5. Blockchain technology is likely to make a comeback in the coming months. No really, hear us out. Yes, it’s had a lot of hype with little substance in the past few years, but this new year could be where it all changes. Beyond cryptocurrency, blockchain tech could serve as a significant asset to those industries that naturally require a lot of documentation. Think transportation and shipping, insurance, finance and healthcare. There are key, practical applications for blockchain technology in all of these instances, and we look forward to seeing how it evolves beyond Bitcoin.

We can’t wait to see how AI, conversational marketing and the world evolve over the next decade. We hope you’ll join us on the journey!