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5 Virtual Agents Transforming the Healthcare Experience

Healthcare companies are personalizing the chat experience through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and ontology-based natural language processing (NLP). Virtual agents are assisting B2B and B2C healthcare companies worldwide in answering patient and provider questions. These AI agents provide the capability to automate processes, identify keywords, access relevant information, provide results for users and ultimately reduce the workload of managing staff. Discover these five Botco.ai-powered virtual agents to learn how conversation-based technology creates real solutions for healthcare companies.

1.   American Family Care Virtual Agent

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, American Family Care (AFC) saw a massive influx of inquiries about test results, disease concerns, clinic wait times and mask use. This healthcare company partnered with Botco.ai to integrate an efficient artificial intelligence solution, leveraging the brand’s existing chat channels. AFC’s virtual agent now provides a way for the brand to extend the efficiency of their team, not only helping their patients, but also driving new sales for the AFC franchise.

Intelligent chat has allowed AFC to dramatically increase their patient and customer engagement process by proactively and immediately answering all questions and scheduling a call and/or appointment with a relevant member of the AFC team. The best part? They achieved all of this without hiring additional team members. COVID-19 is proving that people want answers immediately, and rightfully so,” said Sean Hart, vice president, Franchise Sales and Development, American Family Care. “Botco.ai is doing the work of multiple people for us.” Discover the AFC chatbot powered by Botco.ai.

American Family Care Virtual Agent

2.   MyIR Mobile Virtual Agent

MyIR Mobile, sponsored by STChealth, offers families in Arizona, Washington, Mississippi, West Virginia, and Maryland a free digital log of their children’s vaccinations, letting them download and print documentations needed for childcare, wherever and whenever they need to do so. When a parent signs up for an account, MyIR Mobile’s virtual agent Athena immediately engages in a text conversation to allow them to connect to state registries, add a child, manage their account, link records, see past due vaccines, and more. The conversational platform asks about their account information in bite-sized pieces to decrease form abandonment percentages. Thanks to this Botco.ai-powered virtual agent, Athena has handled thousands of messages that would normally monopolize two full-time employees. Talk to Athena to learn more about MyIR Mobile.

MY IR virtual agent

3.   Rexpay Virtual Agent

On a mission to ease provider and patient pain points in the medical billing experience, RexPay utilizes an AI virtual agent, AskRex, to increase the speed of patient payments, grow operational efficiency and ultimately achieve greater patient satisfaction. The AskRex virtual agent provides patients with immediate answers to common billing questions, ensuring a frictionless patient experience and reducing call volume for providers. Through conversation-based questions, users have a human-like experience that is HIPAA-compliant, offers the highest security standards for patients and providers, and remains on-brand to each organization. As RexPay continues to grow its business, AskRex will continue to learn and improve with the benefit of AI, ML, and NLP learning in subsequent chats.

Rexpay virtual agent

4.   The Strategic Action for Employers (SAFE) Return to Work Program Virtual Agent

STChealth and Botco.ai partnered again in 2020 to help employers manage their response for a safe return to work for employees during the COVID-19 crisis. Together, the brands created a virtual agent to deliver educational information to organizations and employers surrounding best practices, employee testing and coronavirus contact tracing. The virtual agent utilizes NLP and AI to instantly provide relevant and accurate answers to questions about processes, guidance, and accessibility and is available 24/7 without the need for live agents.

“The SAFE program is providing organizations the tools they need to protect their employees while integrating employees back into offices,” said Kristina Crane, chief strategy officer at STChealth. “[With] the automated functionality of Botco.ai chat always available to answer questions and provide data, employers can quickly and efficiently manage the process.”

SAFE virtual agent - Strategic Action For Employers

5.   Vibrant Healthcare Virtual Agent

Virtual agent Jack empowers the regenerative medicine and aesthetic practice Vibrant Healthcare to capture leads through a consistent, carefully crafted experience. From a user’s first interaction with the healthcare company, Jack leads an on-brand, personalized conversation that mimics Vibrant Healthcare’s in-office experience with its live staff. The virtual agent is not only open to new conversation topics but provides three common topic options for users to get started when talking to the technology. After successfully managing the user’s unique needs, Jack then works to capture the lead through consultation scheduling and offers links for potential patients to find additional information about the practice.

Intelligent chat is more than just another computer program, it creates helpful, enjoyable experiences for each user. Offering a compound annual growth rate of 24.7% and expected $1.76B market value*, virtual agents aren’t going anywhere. The conversation-based technology continues to provide employers, employees, and patients a consistent and interactive user experience while helping improve the overall productivity of healthcare companies. Learn more about how your brand can incorporate an AI-based virtual agent strategy by booking a demo with a member of the Botco.ai team.

*Statistic provided by Meticulous Research.