Hosts Puppypalooza with Arizona Humane Society Sept. 23 - Hosts Puppypalooza with Arizona Humane Society Sept. 23 is proud to host Puppypalooza, a fund raising behind-the-scenes tour of Arizona Humane Society‘s operations, on September 23rd!

According to the Washington Post, the COVID lockdowns encouraged people to adopt more animals that provided support when communities were closed down to the point where some humane societies ran out of dogs and cats up for adoption. Pets provided a reason to get outside, happiness, playtime, and snuggles while we couldn’t be close to our human loved ones.

Now, with the luxury of looking back at the nation-wide lockdowns, we want to support those that made it possible by supporting this fundraising effort! We are streaming a tour of the Arizona Humane Society for a behind the scenes look at their lifesaving work caring for more than 11,000 pets in need each year. During the tour, you’ll get an up close view inside the spaces that make tails wag, kittens purr, and forever families possible. 


Happy pitbull mix jumping into pool

Puppypalooza is by invitation only. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, fill out the form below.

To donate to the Arizona Humane Society, click here.


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