Using the Power of AI to Grow Your Practice -

Using the Power of AI to Grow Your Practice

In this webinar, Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-founder of joins healthcare technology expert, Robert Winder, who has helped hundreds of healthcare providers leverage the power of technology to scale while improving patient outcomes. Winder is Co-founder and CEO of Muvr Labs, a successful startup focused entirely on the hip and knee replacement market. Currently, Winder serves as VP at QuandaGo, the “Connected Experience” platform, bringing contact centers, knowledge management and business automation together to make valuable and efficient connections between customers, agents and companies. They’ll share how in 2021 healthcare organizations can leverage AI and chat in the customer journey to provide superior service and care to patients and their families.


You’ll learn:


  • How providers should be thinking about patient engagement as part of their overall business plan and why it is critical to your success
  • The 4 phases of patient care and how you can use AI tools to more efficiently and empathetically engage patients to provide the care they need while also getting the feedback you need to make better business decisions
  • Ways AI can streamline your patient intake process — including digitizing patient data and eliminating paper forms and PDFs
  • How to scale your business and provide more modern touch points for patients to connect with you in a way that makes more sense for them and your business needs
  • To harness the challenges of the Covid-19 era and use them to your business advantage; uncover opportunities to modernize patient care while maintaining HIPAA-compliant confidentiality
  • ROI and how providers should be thinking about spend relating to these tools and implementing an intelligent chat solution with


Technological advancements for healthcare organizations can no longer simply be added to a wish list. In 2021, patients are sophisticated, they’re managing their own healthcare journey, and they need answers 24/7.  It’s a dynamic and exciting time to be a healthcare organization, responding to savvy patients with on-demand needs. You need to be responsive, nimble and ready to meet patient expectations.  How you provide a customer-centered user experience for patients coming to your website, and capture their business has never been a more critical proposition.


The team offers an empathetic, practical approach to optimizing your patient intake channels. As Co-founder, Rebecca Clyde says, “many of these technologies really improve our ability to collect data and to understand our consumers better.”


We’ll identify the 4 phases in the patient journey, and how you can optimize your engagements at each phase along that journey. We’ll address how you can better serve patients who may have simple, low value questions from a business standpoint through automation and escalate those patients who need to speak to a live person for more intensive issues. This approach can help you scale your business while continuing to provide empathetic and efficient service for patients. Clyde says, “think about it as a two-tired approach. What can you handle using automation  – try to handle those questions, requests and inquiries. Then when you really have these more complex or high touch requirements, that’s when you move them to the contact center or live person who can talk to them.”


The team also dives into ROI and how a provider can make smarter business decisions. How do you determine whether some of these technological improvements are worth the investment? What are the benefits to your business to access some of these modernizations, and what do you risk by continuing with the status quo?


Watch the latest webinar for a dynamic, engaging conversation to help you better connect with your patients and learn how AI chat can give you a competitive edge. aims to demystify and simplify AI solutions so your team can start to reimagine patient experience for the future. Watch now.