Don’t Let Lead Response Time Be Your Downfall -

Don’t Let Lead Response Time Be Your Downfall

What’s worse: stepping on that plastic toy left behind in the playroom or waiting on hold for hours for a representative to get back to you about placing a sale or booking an appointment? For many people, it could be the latter. Lengthy lead response times are lethal to nearly every business, no matter the size.

Instant, frictionless interactions are fueling transactions and relationships worldwide. Thanks to the proliferation of technology in businesses, schools, and even among friends. Driving to work but need to answer a call? There’s a steering wheel button for that. In class and need an answer ASAP? Google is there to help. Today’s expectation is that information should be readily available the moment we ask for it. And, if we don’t get it when we want, many people will simply move on to the next option.

 Timing is absolutely everything when it comes to lead response. The longer you wait to follow up with a response, the less likely you are to make the sale, book the appointment, or pitch the product. In fact, if you’re able to contact a lead within the first five minutes, as opposed to the first 30 minutes, you are 100x more likely* to make the sale. But most businesses simply don’t have the resources to constantly reply to every email, call, and message. So, what’s the solution? Intelligent chat nurturing, powered by AI. 

Intelligent chat is one of the best ways to create that frictionless exchange. Leveraging AI, intelligent chat instantly helps your clients, customers, and partners find solutions to their problems using a vast base of knowledge, images, videos, and even emojis (if the case calls for it). Intelligent chat nurturing filters most-asked questions and lets you use your valuable time for business, all while educating, acquiring, and managing leads. And, if you need even more proof, learn how a nationwide wellness franchise transformed their user experience, thanks to the implementation of intelligent chat. 

 When it comes to turning leads into clients, there’s literally not a moment to waste. Book a demo with to learn how intelligent chat nurturing can transform your business.


 *Statistic gathered from Martindale-Avvo: