How Massage Envy Implemented a Bot -

How Massage Envy Implemented a Bot

If you’ve never used a conversational marketing platform before, it can be tough to comprehend the true scope of this technology’s capabilities. We promise we aren’t being dramatic when we say they are truly revolutionary. Chat solutions are a powerful tool in a company’s marketing utility belt, and knowing how to harness that power is critical. Massage Envy is one of the organizations that saw the potential of a bot and transformed their user experience with its implementation.

Massage Envy, a nationwide wellness franchise providing massage and skin care services, has a business model and unique challenges tailor-made for implementing an intelligent chat solution. Each location is independently owned and operated, with over 1,100 locations spread across 49 states. Originally, those interested in visiting Massage Envy for the first time had a bit of a hurdle: the only way to know the prices of services at each location near them was to pick up the phone and call each one. Scheduling routine appointments also took a phone call or visit to the website, which – multiplied by their over 1 million members – meant a lot of unnecessary time was spent on simply scheduling, for both guests and staff. Clearly, there were both some barriers to entry and opportunities for improvement with new and existing guests alike.

Thankfully, Massage Envy recognized the value of conversational marketing and its unique ability to resolve these pain points. They came to for guidance in this uncharted territory, and we were eager to collaborate with them to develop a solution that would not only meet their needs, but surprise and delight their customers.

After reviewing the various platform options, they chose to use Messenger as the first channel for the chatbot. They’re in good company: as of the 2018 F8 conference, there were 300,000 active Messenger bots conversing with the 1.3 billion people who use Facebook Messenger every month. (So, basically the total population of India, the second most populated country behind China. No big deal.)

From there, Massage Envy identified three key purposes: helping users find a nearby location, sharing pricing information and answering free form questions. These three “paths” would help meet the needs of the vast majority of their members and guests alike.

For seasoned veterans who know exactly what service they want to book and where, the process has never been simpler or more seamless. For those just dipping their toes into the world of Massage Envy, the virtual assistant is there to support them through every step of the wellness journey. A user can start by searching for their nearest location, and the bot can guide them through the natural progression of reviewing pricing, requesting a specific service, sharing any personal preferences and ultimately booking the appointment. It can even walk them through what to expect at their first visit!

At Massage Envy, massages and skin care are necessary body maintenance – not a luxury. Using, they were finally able to provide their guests and members an experience that reflected that culture. For the first time, customers can interact with Massage Envy any time, anywhere and on their own terms. Conversational marketing allowed them to meet their customers where they already are, eliminating unnecessary hassle. Just like a great massage can erase a week’s worth of tension, Massage Envy’s bot has us letting out a relieved, “Ahhhhh, namassage.”

Massage Envy took its customer experience to the next level with, and so can you. Sharing our passion for conversational marketing and its unprecedented power to transform your business is what gets us out of bed in the morning. Our team of experts can help you:

  • Identify the messaging channel most appropriate for your brand
  • Convert your existing marketing automation campaigns into meaningful conversations with your customers
  • Deliver rich services with low friction using chatbots
  • Accelerate the buyer journey and help your customers feel more connected with your brand

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