Conversational Websites: How They Will Change the Game -

Conversational Websites: How They Will Change the Game

In this webinar, Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-founder of discusses the current challenges in enterprise onsite marketing with K. Deepak Narisety (VP of Experience Technology), and Jason Conley (Enterprise Sales & Solutions from Merkle), as well as Jacob Molina (Product Manager at

Trends in customer experience across many verticals suggest that organizations that have made large investments in software technology and data infrastructure. Now, they’re grappling with how to leverage those investments to make sure the customer experience meets the technology gains.  

If you and your competition all have the same baseline in technology, how can you differentiate and bring new experiences to delight and excite your customer on-site?

You’ll learn:

  • How to collect more first-party data and become less dependent on big tech for your data needs
  • How to deliver personalization at scale without hiring more staff
  • How to set up your organization to deliver rich conversational experiences

When you include the conversational piece on your website, it allows you to convert faster through natural language processing. And as Clyde remarks,“It’s really through the conversational experience that we can uncover those opportunities that we’re blind to otherwise.”

Companies find AI solutions to better personalize for users, while measuring success. Narisety explains that “benchmarking against competitors has to move past driving sales and page views. Page views, the size of a basket and driving sales are all standard, but people now want to know how engaging their content is, and how relevant it is.”

Finally, you’ll learn a bit more about implementation — what it takes to make conversational websites a part of your toolkit — including the benefits of building your own solution. 

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