Conversational Websites: How They Will Change The Game -

Conversational Websites: How They Will Change The Game

K. Deepak Narisety: VP of Experience Technology @Merkle, Jason Conley: Enterprise Sales & Solutions @Merkle, Jacob Molina: Product Manager, Rebecca Clyde: CEO and Co-founder

August 24, 2021 | 55 mins

Before the internet, businesses were focused on selling in person or by phone. Either way, the sale was closed by a person. Now, we’re so focused on optimizing landing pages copy and button colors that we’ve lost that personal touch. 1-on-1 conversational marketing is back- with the help of AI’s most recent progress. By the end of this webinar, you’ll know the next steps to help to implement conversations at scale and understand why it matters now more than ever. We will demonstrate examples from world-leading brands and how they are embracing conversational websites today, tomorrow, and in the future. Our panel is composed of product, marketing, and technology experts that have been helping both small and large businesses increase their conversions through conversational commerce.

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