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Leverage the Powerful Combination of AI Chat and Live Chat

Learn how Rebecca Clyde CEO and Co-Founder of Botco.ai with STChealth Michelle Bonjour -Director of Consumer Engagement and Asad Tufail- Director of Customer Success teamed up to release an AI-integrated chat solution for the launch of STChealth’s MyIR Mobile™, a digital record database for public health immunization information systems (IIS).   

In the webinar, you will hear firsthand how Botco.ai helped STChealth to scale its consumer outreach and streamline the user experience by combining AI chat with their existing Live Chat services.  With Botco.ai, STChealth modernized their existing workflow while launching a new product nationwide, hitting key goals.    

Low upfront costs 

  • STChealth is able to offer MyIR to every US state and territory for free because of the low upfront costs of employing intelligent AI chat. 

Improved User Experience and Engagement 

  • STChealth found that employing an interactive chat experience using AI, instead of directing consumers to a static FAQ page, improved user experience and engagement.   

Strategizing your Workflow 

  • STChealth worked with Botco.ai to strategize their workflow. They found that using AI chat to answer the most common questions they received allowed the live chat agent to help the customer more efficiently since they already had the initial data they needed to troubleshoot the problem. 

AI chat allowed STChealth to scale 

  •  Nearly 22,200 consumers checked their records in 30 days.

 Click here  to watch our webinar and learn how Botco.ai can help you leverage AI chat and live chat to scale your consumer outreach and streamline user experiences.