AI chat API/CRM Integrations: Creating Richer Conversations -

AI chat API/CRM Integrations: Creating Richer Conversations

Are you utilizing intelligent chat marketing? Are you ready to create a richer experience than a standard commercially-ready product? is here to help. Personalization is vital to every conversation, whether it’s in-person, over the phone, or online. Today’s modern consumer demands hyper-personalized messaging experiences that blur the line between human and computer interaction. Conversion creation should be an extension of the experience you’ve cultivated across all of the channels your business operates on. has cultivated an intelligent chat nurturing solution that works with your API and/or CRM to leverage existing content to build relationships and drive leads. Discover how this integration can transform virtual conversations without the added cost of a live agent or in-house expert. enables easy API and CRM Integrations 

Many marketers believe they need an in-house expert to personalize their chat marketing solution. Thanks to’s unique technology, you can create a personalized customer relationship management solution using our hands-on online building platform. Create conversation paths, increase conversions, and ultimately meet your goals – all without having to hire live agents or an in-house coding expert.

Using Facebook Messenger to Refresh a Brand

In a previous use case, a hospitality brand used to create a chat experience that could integrate their customer records in a personalized fashion. Utilizing the brand’s existing platform on Facebook Messenger, connected to the API endpoint and system-of-record to pull in data points and create custom experiences. These endpoints included purchase history, length of customers’ relationship with the brand, location information, program points balances, and more. Combining this customer information with the brand’s platform, users can ask the virtual assistant questions as simple as “How many rewards points do I have?” to more complex questions like “I need to exchange my points for a stay at [X] hotel on [DATE].” Thanks to this CRM integrated solution, the brand’s new chatbot ensured conversation was unique and personalized to the user, just as an in-person conversation would be.

Meet Your Users Where They Already Are

Expand the experience created by your CRM and website. Intelligent chat nurture integrates seamlessly to transform static relationships into dynamic conversations. Chat experiences are not only important for hospitality brands but vital for a variety of other industries including finance and healthcare. In fact, a recent study claims 78% of healthcare companies believe AI-enabled chat will be most helpful in scheduling appointments and other important services like increasing appointment capture rate, answering patient questions without increasing call volume, and creating personalized conversations with patients. 

Vibrant Health Care recently used to author and train its web-based chat experience. This premier regenerative medicine practice is located in Scottsdale, Arizona. The virtual assistant offers options that include scheduling a consultation, attending an event, and/or watching a webinar, ultimately allowing health care providers to stay connected to their patients while streamlining processes and improving profitability through CRM. The option of adding a chat experience to an existing website gives users the option to immediately connect to an AI agent or allows them to scroll the website, take their time and reach out when they need help. Named ‘Jack’, Vibrant Health Care’s chat experience offers three initial paths of conversation that ultimately lead their users to select from three choices of conversion. 

Did you know businesses that contact leads within the first hour of the initial point of contact are 7X* as likely to have meaningful conversations with buyers? Yet, only 37% of businesses manage to do this. Thanks to their chat offering, Vibrant Health Care can guide their users through a hands-off digital experience that allows the brand to remain available around the clock, provide on-demand responses even when their office is closed, and ultimately capture more leads.

Giving Users and Brands a Safe Solution

Using acquired information to personalize a sale is a necessity for any forward-thinking business. And, in a world full of constantly moving parts and security threats, it’s important to choose a chat solution built with security in mind. Every conversation handled by is encrypted in transit and at rest. In addition, any personally identifiable information is masked and only accessible to authorized administrators. Tokenization allows for the exchange of customer information using secure APIs. For industries that require compliance with CCPA, GDPR, and HIPAA, provides the necessary privacy policies and security certifications. Not only will your customers feel safe interacting with a intelligent agent, but your brand is also protected through this scalable solution with minimal cost for growth when compared to the expense of insuring and training live agents.

Personalize, Personalize, Personalize

Personalization allows the conversation to feel engaging, educational, and appealing. Thanks to’s ontology-based NLP (Natural Language Processing) technology, brands are able to utilize CRM to personalize every conversation while reducing user exits. Thinking back to the hospitality brand is integrated into, the brand can now greet every user online and in-person with the same warm welcome, messaging, and tone. Each user is not only attended to but remembered. Past experiences and reservations are used to the advantage of the brand when speaking towards current promotions, discounts, and more. Together, this connected experience allows accounts to feel tangible and easily attainable, without the need for clunky websites or repeated logins. technology learns from each user encounter so as to continue to provide an engaging, enhanced experience that is consistent and carefully crafted. Your customers deserve an in-the-moment experience that best represents your brand while serving their needs. Schedule a time to talk with the team about how to create a personalized and conversational experience for your brand and customer relationships. Book a demo. 

*Statistic pulled from the Harvard Business Review.