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Evaluating a Workplace COVID-19 Vaccination Policy

Join Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-founder of Botco.ai in conversation with industry leaders Michelle Bonjour, Director of Consumer Engagement and Kyle Freese, PhD, MPH from STChealth to unpack best practices for a safe return to the workplace

Key learnings include:

  • Building trust with employees through a transparent communications strategy is critical to whatever return your company envisions for itself 
  • A comprehensive plan should include an education component for the vaccine; answering commonly asked questions
  • Leading by example: show your workforce how they can be a part of the solution in a fully-vaccinated workplace
  • Leveraging intelligent chat can be a component of any internal communications strategy, providing important information for team members on demand

Our webinar with STChealth takes a deep dive into unique challenges returning to the workforce. We discuss the intricacies of formulating an internal general policy for employees, including whether a hybrid model might be the “new normal,” and how a return should be staged to maximize employee safety and productivity. 

We also delve into the challenges around creating a new travel policy and keeping your staff’s safety at the center of any corporate guidelines. There are effective techniques to use so your leadership can quickly address vaccine hesitancy amid safety and efficacy concerns. We discuss communication and education tools to ease fears and empower employees with accurate information. 

Lastly the webinar Q&A, Dr. Freese shares his COVID-19 vaccine expertise with attendees. You’ll learn the science behind mRNA vaccines and the difference in efficacy between the three vaccines now widely being administered in the U.S. – Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson. He also debunks some myths / concerns around mRNA vaccine science in plain language for the general public.

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