Banner Health’s Consumer-Centric Approach to Patient Engagement -

Banner Health’s Consumer-Centric Approach to Patient Engagement

Rebecca Clyde, CEO and Co-founder of discusses how it is important to personalize your patient experience in today’s digital world.  She joins Chris Pace, Chief Digital Marketing Officer and Kate Grey, Senior Director, Brand Advertising at Banner Health; along with Matthew Clyde, Present and Co-founder of the marketing agency, Ideas Collide, to discuss how intelligent chat and key digital marketing elements set Banner Health apart from other healthcare facilities in their patient engagement. 

Patients expect convenience and personalization at every touchpoint. Digital channels are arguably the most important access point to patient care. Are you ready to meet your patient’s expectations? This webinar uncovers successful ai chat strategies and implementations to consider for your own brand. 

What I love about digital marketing in the healthcare space is we’re helping people solve very difficult problems. We’re helping consumers find access to the care they need.“ 

– Chris Pace, Banner Health

This webinar offers examples of how one healthcare company continues to deliver on their brand promise to their ideal customer through virtual agents during an extremely challenging year. 

Key learnings include how to:

  • With the help of ai chat, truly understand the wants and needs of your consumer, and meet them where they are in the patient journey to maximize engagement
  • Develop a brand persona to know your ideal customer backward and forward to keep your brand voice consistent and effective across all digital channels
  • Leverage personalization to connect with your patient/customer base
  • Find places where you can scale patient engagement to increase acquisition, through virtual agents.
  • How intelligent chat fits into the overall strategy of centering the consumer

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